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2018 Kirk McNulty Tournament Rules & Regulations


SIGN UP HERE! The tournament honors the legacy of Kirk McNulty, a surfer, diver, brother, and son. Kirk was a world class waterman who was inspired by everything ocean. Although some of you may not have known Kirk we hope that you will participate as we are a small family of spearfishermen here on the West Coast.

A $29.20 entry is required prior to spearing a fish. Proceeds will be donated to the White Seabass Hatchery Program led by Hubbs-Seaworld to help improve the WSB population on our coast.

Please join us in the 5th Annual tournament to help the continued efforts of repopulating our oceans with White Seabass. Winners will be chosen by Top 3 Biggest Fish, First Fish Submitted, Most Fish Submitted and largest fish in San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara Counties. In order to help further the efforts of White Seabass Hatchery Program led by Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute we have made it mandatory that fish heads are turned in to qualify your catch for placement (Drop off locations below). If the fish head(s) have been tagged an additional prize will be given and determined by the fish that has traveled the furthest from its grow out location. 

OceansGlobal highly recommends that divers have a freediving certification from Performance Freediving International (PFI), Freediving Instructors International (FII) or the equivalent. Safety courses and dive insurance provided by Divers Alert Network (DAN) is also recommended. 

The Awards Party and raffle will be held May 12 at Tarsan in Redondo Beach, CA.

Initial 2018 Sponsors

Clothing & Accessories

Dark SeasDIFF Eyewear, Salty CrewHippyTree, Surf-fur, Roark RevivalElectric, Art LifeQuiksilver


Sea SniperGannet Dive Co.Meric, Riffe, OmerNeptonics, Celstron, Pelican Products, Divers Alert NetworkEolos




Ortega 120Fish 101, BearFlag Fish Co., El Pescador Fish Market, Brophy Bros.Sun Life Organics


SpearingForum, Carbon InkFishTrack & Buoyweather


Wilmington Iron Works

Click the links to view 2018 Leaderboard2017 Leaderboard2016 Leaderboard,  2015 Leaderboard, and 2014 winners and video and be sure to join our Facebook Page to keep up with current fish counts and tournament stats.


First to submit a White Seabass

This year, we have been fortunate to receive a cash donation which will create cash prizes for the biggest fish and match a $850 donation to Oceans Global to further the efforts of coastal white seabass grow-outs.

1st Place - Perpetual Trophy - rotates annually, personal trophy -  $500 Cash plus TBD from the list above.

2nd Place - personal trophy -  $250 Cash plus TBD from the list above.

3rd Place - personal trophy -  $100 Cash plus TBD from the list above.

Additional prizes by Location:

Prizes for largest fish taken from; the border up to Del Mar, Solana Beach to Oceanside, Orange County, Los Angeles, Ventura/Santa Barbara.

San Diego

North County San Diego

Orange County

Los Angeles

Ventura/Santa Barbara

All head submissions are entered into a raffle to win a mounted sea bass jaw by Dead Water Jaw Mounts.


You must be registered in the tournament prior to spearing your fish. No exceptions.

All WSB must be submitted between March 1, 2018 and April 30, 2018 and Fish heads must be labeled (Participants Name, OceansGlobal and location of where the fish was caught) and dropped at a certified location to qualify for placement.

Fish must be caught while freediving with spearguns and pole spears. No tanks, fishing poles, or chum can be used to capture fish.

Fish are required to be legal species and sizes according to the California Department of Wildlife and Mexico Oficina de Pesca.

Need Photo of Catch and Digital Scale readout (photo of fish/weight must be taken on land, not from boat. Image should carry a date stamp with the time and date the photo was taken. Please submit photos to

Drop-off locations:

Santa Barabara

  • Calif. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (805) 568-1221

  • Sea Landing (805) 963-3564


  • Eric’s Tackle (805) 648-5665

  • Channel Islands Sportfishing Center (805) 985-8511

Marina Del Rey

  • Marina Del Rey Sportfishing (310) 822-3625

Torrance/Redondo Beach

  • Redondo Beach Boat Hoist (310) 374-3481

San Pedro/Long Beach

  • 22nd Street Sportfishing (310) 832-8304

  • Long Beach Sportfishing (562) 432-8993

  • Pierpoint Landing (562) 983-9300

Santa Catalina Island

  • Avalon Fish Market (at the end of the pier) - (310) 510-0197

  • Two Harbors (harbor patrol office on the pier) - (310) 510-4253

Los Alamitos/Huntington Beach

  • Calif. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (562) 342-7111

  • Pacific Edge Bait & Tackle (714) 840-4262

  • Mako Matt’s Marine (714) 893-7743

Newport Beach/Irvine

  • Angler’s Center (949) 642-6662

  • Balboa Angling Club (949) 673-6216

  • Davey’s Locker (949) 673-1434

  • Newport Landing Sportfishing (949) 675-0550

Dana Point

  • Dana Wharf Sportfishing (949) 496-5794

  • Hogans Bait & Tackle (949) 493-3528

  • Jig Stop Tackle & Tours (949) 496-3555

Oceanside/Carlsbad/Solana Beach

  • Helgren’s Sportfishing (760) 722-2133

  • Leon Raymond Hubbard, Jr. Hatchery (760) 434-9501

  • Blue Water Tackle (858)350-8505

San Diego

  • James and Joseph Spearfishing Supplies (619) 295-3705

  • Dana Landing (Mission Bay) - (619) 226-2929

  • Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute (619) 226-3870

  • Calif. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (858) 467-4201