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The Kirk McNulty White Sea Bass Spearfishing Classic was started to create a legacy for Kirk McNulty (1984-2014), who passed away of an opiate overdose. Kirk was a world class waterman, surfer, brother and son who was inspired by everything ocean. Kirk was an avid free diver and enjoyed everything ocean. He spent time in the world’s oceans, but specifically loved hunting white sea bass. He also cared deeply about the fish and the environment he was diving in. Kirk always felt his healthiest while in, on or near the water.


Through the Kirk McNulty White Sea Bass Spearfishing Classic, Oceans Global donates proceeds to Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute and/or its affiliated grow out locations. The tournament registration fee of $29.20 will assist in the release of two juvenile White Seabass. According to Hubbs-Seaworld Research Institute, the estimated average cost to raise, tag and release a WSB is $14.60.  This does not include costs associated with volunteer time, the costs to maintain their systems and additional funds (grants and donations) that we receive in support of the program or to conduct related research.

Oceans Global looks to educate the recreational spearfishing community about Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute (HSWRI) efforts to raise, tag and release white sea bass into the wild. Through a network of drop-off locations, spearos can donate their catch’s head to HSWRI to be scanned for tags. Thus far, one fish has contained a tag yielding HSWRI valuable information. Read the details here.