Wheel House, Written by Kelly Dawson, SouthBay Magazine


Hermosa Beach’s Ron Arias turns to ceramics after a career in storytelling.



A soft melody of classical music is playing when Ron Arias enters his studio, lifting a curtain that divides the workspace from the rest of the dark garage. A single light shines above the small area and casts a warm glow on the clay-crusted potter’s wheel, desk and others tools that comprise his sanctuary.

Ron has been making the short walk from the home he shares with his wife, Joan, to this converted studio for years. It’s where he spends afternoons creating ceramics from the tan-colored mica clay he discovered on a trip to New Mexico. But it’s also a place where he’s learned to recast his detailed journalistic eye for the more relaxed gaze of an artist.

“It uses a different part of my brain,” Ron says. “I’m not thinking. I’m just doing.”

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Ron Aria's work is featured in the See the Seas exhibition organized by OceansGlobal at Javaman in Hermosa Beach, California from July 16 - August 30.  All work in the exhibition is for sale with proceeds going to OceansGlobal.org.  For more information please email info@oceansglobal.org.  Follow us @oceansglobal #seetheseas